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Sexy Hips, Bigger Butts-Qabbel kull offerta

9789995736088 - Angela Lighthouse: Sexy Hips, Bigger Butts
Angela Lighthouse (?):

Sexy Hips, Bigger Butts (2012) (?)

ISBN: 9789995736088 (?) jew 999573608X, bl-Ingliż, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Ġodda, ebook, tniżżil diġitali

3,46 (C$ 5,49)¹(tbaħħir liberu, mingħajr l-obbligu)
""How can I get a butt and hips which stops traffic?" A butt like Kim Kardashian, hips like Jessica Rabbit and the confidence which goes with it, were my dream. I wanted my very own booty. I looked for ways to get a firmer, sexier butt and curvier, sculpted hips. I wanted to feel great, and I knew the right lower body was the key. Not to mention how much modern men appreciate this kind of figure. I was a single mother, so who can blame me?I found some simple steps which will help you develop and take care of a flawless hourglass figure. From the buttocks to your hip muscles, there are ways to build a tight backside and curves you can flaunt. Feel great and look fabulous. Why have another day with your old butt and hips?All the tricks of the trade - the ultimate guide to beautiful hips and a knock out butt. Give your hips and butt a workout with a powerful exercise program which isolates and condition using special stretches, squats, lunges, and body tuning techniques to focus on the lower body and core. Clear up cellulite, stretch mark and blemish problems with practical, proven tips. Tone and sculpt secrets to change your shape painlessly and easily, without putting on weight. Diet advice plus supplements like vitamins and fish oils and how to use them properly. Proper eating which is balanced and packed with nourishment. Perfect for women everywhere, of any shape or size that want a bigger, better butt with brilliant suggestions to keep it shapely and firm. The truth, not the usual hyped shortcuts, with a scienfitically proven program to tone, shape and make your butt and hips more shapely and pronounced. Fashion tips,100 pages with photographs and clear instructions on getting a flawless, defined butt and hips quickly, naturally and without spending a cent. Why not get the hips and butt you dream of today?"
Bejjiegħ ordni numru: 21107062-c89f-4eb7-8c05-dc08899b4d9b
Numru ta ' l-ordni ta ' pjattaforma Kobobooks.cn: 100179789995736088
Il-kategorija: Health & Well Being
Kliem muftieħ: Sexy Hips, Bigger Butts Angela Lighthouse Adult Health & Well Being 9789995736088
Data minn 04/03/2018 08:34h
ISBN (notazzjonijiet alternattivi): 99957-36-08-X, 978-99957-36-08-8


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