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THE CHARM OF REVENGE-Qabbel kull offerta



ISBN: 9789995792237 (?) jew 9995792230, bl-Ingliż, Tom Secret LLC, Tom Secret LLC, Tom Secret LLC, Ġodda, ebook, tniżżil diġitali

4,46 (£ 3,98)¹(tbaħħir liberu, mingħajr l-obbligu)
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN IRS DEPARTMENT TURNS ROGUEAND WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THEY TARGETED YOU?\*Monday, September 29, 1997, 12:00 AMWASHINGTON An IRS agent who came forward to blow the whistle on taxpayer abuses said yesterday she knows of at least five people who commited suicide because of their tax troubles. Asked how bad IRS wrongdoing is, agent Jennifer Long said, "I feel like it's pretty widespread. I have had so many people tell me about suicides. . I really think somebody should look into just how many people have committed suicide because of \[the\] IRS's actions. I think the statistics might be quite shocking."Congress has created this monster," added Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)."\*Source: New York Daily NewsNow imagine you are sitting at home in your favorite chair. Your delightful four-year-old daughter, is playing with her toys. Upstairs, your eleven-year-old son, is doing his homework. He makes you proud.A knock sounds at the front door. Two men in cheap suits shove laminate ids in your face and claim they are from the tax department. That you owe a massive debt and they are here to collect. You owe nothing, so you send them away. Later that day they break into your house to take your son and daughter away. Forced to take the law into their own hands, Brad and Lola Fairweather discover their names are on a sinister government list, and their enemy wants to finish what he started, all those years ago. With the dead bodies piling up, Detective LT. Donatello hunts for the vigilante killer the press are calling "a hero," but finds himself caught in a complex web of organized crime, kidnapping and murder, with the evidence pointing to just one person, and that's bad news, for him! Praise for The Charm Of Revenge by Tom Secret"A thrilling ride, with three-dimensional characters and a story that will have you racing to the end, where everyone has a secret to tell, including the dead." - Michael Carr - Editor of a dozen New York Times best se
Bejjiegħ ordni numru: d8e40ac7-9f21-4c34-9b99-b27372b3eee3
Numru ta ' l-ordni ta ' pjattaforma Kobobooks.co.uk: 515039789995792237
Il-kategorija: Mystery & Suspense
Kliem muftieħ: THE CHARM OF REVENGE TOM SECRET Hard-Boiled Mystery & Suspense 9789995792237
Data minn 04/03/2018 08:34h
ISBN (notazzjonijiet alternattivi): 99957-922-3-0, 978-99957-922-3-7


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